Because each of our clients is different, each file entrusted to us benefits from special treatment.

In accordance with the ethical rules of the legal profession, the fees will be the subject of a quote, subject to the customer's agreement.

From the first meeting and after a preliminary study of the file, the firm will offer the client a choice between several billing options, striving to promote the most advantageous form of fees for the client.

A fee agreement will be established between the firm and the client in order to materialize the service offered by the firm as well as its method of remuneration, the form of which may be:

1. The fee “for time spent on the file”

The amount of fees will be set according to the time spent by the lawyer and his hourly rate.
When this remuneration formula is adopted, the firm indicates to its client the estimated number of hours necessary to process their file, and provides them with a breakdown of the time spent on their case.

2. The “package” fee

This formula is generally used in cases where there are few uncertainties regarding the progress of the procedure, therefore allowing the firm to agree with its client on a fixed amount for the entire processing of the file.

3. The “results” fee

When the firm and the client have expressly provided for in the fee agreement, additional remuneration, based on obtaining a specific result for the client, may be added to a “minimum” fee, based on a fixed price or a quota of hours.

However, the success fee cannot be the only method of remuneration for the lawyer.

Because time is money, we are available to our customers 7 days a week, 12 hours a day.

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